Wholesale inquiries

Do you want to sell our products in your store? No problem! Shoot us an email or give us a call and we will provide you with the information you may need.

All our products are handcrafted by ourselves or in collaboration with craftsmen, therefore we can’t supply big orders but with patience and good hand we’ll try to reach all orders.

Sixtyº Straps

One of our last projects ir Sixtyº Straps. Are you wondering why Sixtyº? Here’s the explanation:

60º is the perfect inclination to adapt the straps to our feet, that’s why we have designed them from sixty degrees; to set ourselves 100% to pedal.

Sixtyº is designed to perfectly fit our feet and the pedal, when we ride on our fixed, we do it in a position of 60° in relation to the ground, that’s why Sixtyº suits you for a better grip of the foot to the pedal.
Our strap is produced from high strength nylon, its design allows to fit each foot without releasing the velcro, through the steel buckle, with a single gesture you can adjust the strap without getting off the bike.

Following our previous projects, we have included leather parts, where we stamped our logo, which gives an elegant and distinctive touch and the design and aesthetics unite to keep the style in each braking.

Cintes – Genuine Leather Grips

Cintes is an original alternative to the handle- bars of your bike. It is a genuine leather grip, just as it was before, but redesigned with a modern touch. You can combi- ne colors to match the style of your bike, they’re a comfortable and original solution. If you know how to tie the laces of your shoes, you’re ready to fit your CINTES.

Cintes is a handmade product that comes in a recycled cardboard box. Inside you will find two pieces of genuine leather, a pair of laces and a pair of bar end plugs of natural cork. There are two lengths to fit all handlebars. They are made with genuine cowhide premium leather and each piece is perforated to sew with laces. There are four leather colors to choose: black, brown, honey and lemon.

And five different colors for the laces: red, black, gray, beige and brown. Once sewn handlebar ends are plugged with custom designed plugs, which are 100% handmade from natural cork.

All the pieces are designed and produced in Spain